Your Current Position:  Recruitment
  • PA(cleaner)


    Healthy and under the age of 48.

  • Golf driving range attendant


    Healthy, can bear hardships and stand hard work, men and women are not limited.

  • caddie

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Work in accordance with the requirements of caddie manual and caddie management regulations.

    2. Be on duty and on duty as required, and do a good job in picking up guests.

    3. Obey the arrangement of departure desk and complete the daily cleaning and other work of the assigned area.

    4. According to the requirements of golf rules, assist the guests to manage the club and assist the guests to play golf according to the rules.

    5. Familiar with the course structure and features.

    6. Proficient in golf knowledge, familiar with golf rules and local rules.

    7. Complete other work assigned by the leader.


    1. Height above 1.60m, no myopia, good health, good image, strong sense of service.

  • receptionist

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Stick to the front desk at all times, abide by the company's rules and regulations, do my job well, and don't leave at will. 

    2. The front desk clerk is responsible for the reception and transfer of the service hotline of the front desk, and does a good job in calling consultation. Important matters are carefully recorded and communicated to relevant personnel, without omission or delay.3. Responsible for the reception of customers, strictly implement the reception service standards of the company, and maintain good manners. 


    1, 18~26 years old, net height of 1.60M or above, good image and temperament, fluent oral English language candidates are preferred.

  • JLH


    1. 20-35 years old, healthy, not limited to education, familiar with basic knowledge of strong and weak current,

    Capable of independent operation.

    2. Hold valid special operation certificate.

    3. Adapt to the three-shift work system, with relevant work experience preferred.

  • warehouse keeper

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for following up the application and approval procedures, receiving, issuing, warehousing and registration of goods required by various departments.

    2. Set up the supplies management ledger to ensure the consistency of the accounts and materials.

    3. Put an end to the waste of department supplies and effectively control the cost.

    4. Assist the superior to complete daily work and complete the affairs assigned by the superior. 


    1. Clear and fluent language expression and proficient use of office software.

    2, work carefully, a strong sense of responsibility, correct thinking.

  • view of talent